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The Huntington

  • Cleveland, OH

  • Built 1921   

  • 1,300,00 sq Ft


Centrally located between Cleveland’s Theater District and East 4th Street, the Huntington Bank Building boasts 1.3 million square feet of office space, which includes the world’s largest banking hall and 22 stories of remarkable architecture. The grand bank lobby features Corinthian columns and 3-story tall barrel vaulted ceilings.

The Huntington Bank Building, originally named the Union Trust Bank, was built in 1924 and upon completion was the second largest office building in the world. It is located in the heart of Downtown Cleveland on Euclid Avenue.

The building’s remarkable architectural design was achieved by the firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst & White (GAP&W) and was initially planned as a 14-story building with an underground level. A 1991 renovation strategy by Hines Properties enhanced the structural integrity and appeal of the building by upgrading the electrical system, adding new windows, updating the elevator system and advancing the architectural scheme.

As a result, the building now offers 1.3 million square feet of leasable space. The Huntington Building’s 22-story footprint impressively contains over 30 acres of floor space.

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One of the most noteworthy aspects of this historic site is its unique interior design. Throughout the entirety of the building, one can observe the most meticulous attention to detail. 

This is especially evident in the construction of the vast banking room, which is set up in an L-shape and spans three vertical levels. The lobby however, represents the most memorable section of the interior with its Roman Basilica inspired décor. It boasts immense Corinthian columns, barrel vaulted ceilings and a number of exceptional and rare frescoes. The enormous columns support a 3-story banking hall, which is now an office and corporate complex.





The Huntington Building

925 Euclid Avenue    |   Cleveland, Ohio 44115