From beach-wear to evening-wear,  Midtown
Delray Beach is a destination environment reflecting the
relaxed and casual atmosphere of Delray Beach.


Midtown Delray Beach: Where East Meets West Atlantic Avenue

Midtown Delray Beach is at the heart of the city, across from Old School Square and the Crest Theatre. Created in the spirit of historic preservation of these neighboring iconic structures, Midtown Delray Beach embodies beautifully balanced design elements crafted to respect and complement the city’s rich history.


Respecting the Past, 
EmBRacing the Future.

Midtown Delray features 8 meticulously restored historic cottages, a combination of one and two story buildings. These historic preservation homes will be revived, and represent the soul, the visual centerpiece of Midtown Delray, serving as an exciting new destination that will create lasting memories for future generations. These precious gems, to be restored under the guidance of the Delray Beach Historic Preservation Board and complying with State and Federal National Historic Preservation criteria, will provide an extraordinarily charming experience capturing the magic of the original historic streetscape. Artfully located on a sprawling 7-acre property, these magnificent homes provide a vivid glimpse into the city’s past while ushering in a renewed sense of future.


  • Inviting Spanish Revival Architecture
  • Two and Three Bedroom Apartments
  • Restaurants Offering Indoor & Outdoor Dining
  • High-End Retail Boutiques
  • Class A Office Space
  • Luxury Boutique 120-Room Lifestyle Hotel
  • 400 Parking Spaces, Valet Services





Good for the Residents, Good for Tourists
Good for Business, Good for the City,

  • Will create nearly 1700 jobs during two years of construction
  • Will provide more than 400 permanent, full-time jobs
  • Generate Sales Tax Revenue estimated @ $6,400,000
  • Increase property tax revenue from $343,000 to approx. $4,500,000
  • Catalyst for additional private investment in homes, business and development
  • Will stimulate Historic Preservation and Development of the West Atlantic Corridor
  • Citizens Advisory Board Created and Approved Streetscape/Landscape and Public Arts Feature Along Atlantic Avenue
  • “Future Grant Fund” created by developer ensures further historic property preservation and development